What’s Hot and What’s Not on an online dating profile

Want more success in this baffling world of online dating?

Online dating can be dating on steroids. There are literally thousands of singletons shopping online for a prospective partner, swiping from left to right trying to find their perfect match. You may have experienced online dating and given into the online dating game, or you may have simply decided “Hell no! I’ll just buy another cat”.

For those lucky ones who have met your loves online, congratulations! Yes, it does happen. But for others bravely surrendering to the online meet and greet, you may have found yourself couch bound, wearing your onesie, endlessly trawling through profiles and messages, only to have people go MIA with a single date never coming into fruition.

After hearing countless stories of people who have experienced this online paradox, it’s clear that it is not an easy process to meet your guy or gal. It’s a continual interview process; you can feel like a frustrated used car salesman constantly delivering the same repetitive, ‘buy me now’ sales pitch, not realising you might be pitching to a lemon.

Let’s take a look at what’s hot and what’s not when creating a perfect online profile.

Main profile pic

We can be fickle creatures, but reality is, appearance counts. Your main profile pic is perhaps the most important thing on your profile. It can mean the difference between an instant yes or no. Make sure your main pic is just of you, highlighting your best features (preferably clothed and with your head in the shot!). Show your eyes, smile, and an expression. That’s a no to mug shots; on-liners want to know you haven’t just strolled straight out of prison.

Pic’s with the opposite sex

Is that a picture of you with your sister, your brother or your best friend? If you post a picture with your arm around someone of the opposite sex people will immediately think it’s your ex and that you haven’t moved on. It’s human instinct to think they may be competition, and we draw a comparison to ourselves. So, fella’s no images with your arms around the waist’s of those hot Grid girls and ladies skip that pic with the hottie you met at that drunken hens night. People are gonna swipe left.

Group photos

Some profiles only have people in a group setting. Yes, it’s great to see you have a social life, but which one are you? Are you the guy giving the bird at the festival or the girl with a serious pout with her hand on her hip? Dating apps are so saturated with thousands of profiles, people will not be bothered to ask which one you are.

Location, location, location

Where you take your photo counts. Are you in the bedroom? Make your bed. The bathroom? Don’t capture the toilet. In bed? Just no. Evidence suggests you are also narrowing your chances with selfies flexing at the gym, pulling a duck face, or gazing at the lense lustfully, shirtless, laying on your pillow. Successful location photo’s are of doing things you love; the beach, riding, surfing, camping or at a party (not wasted!). Make sure you show what makes you, you.


Do you have an impressive car, house or boat? Have you caught a whopping big fish? Fabulous, happy for you, but on your profile people want to see you, not your possessions.


Photo’s of children on your profile is a no-no! Keep your family safe. Write in your bio if you have kids but don’t post them on the Internet. There’s nothing funny about that.


Make your English teacher proud! Use punctuation. Know the difference between there, their and they’re. It sounds pedantic, and we are not all grammar Nazi’s but, it can mean the difference between whether you’re going to get a swipe or your profile is leaving you dateless.

Full body shot

Include a body pic as self conscious as you may be (again, clothed). Many profiles are full of selfie’s of people showcasing different angles of their face, and sometimes with the same expression. For those of you hesitant to post a body shot, remember that you may meet the person one day. Be proud and realistic of what you look like.

Your bio

People want to read a well-versed bio. This is a perfect opportunity for you to say who you are, your intentions and to sell yourself. After all, you’re a catch right?! A well-written profile can be the deciding factor for someone wanting to contact you. Try to make an effort, don’t simply write ‘just ask’, ‘it’s hard to talk about myself’ or ‘I’ll write this later’. Be honest with what you want. Do you want a relationship, a date or a fling? Clarifying this can save you time and attract the right person who is on the same page. Also, express who you are. Are you active, creative, social? But, don’t put anything too personal, especially not your phone number, this is asking for trouble. Wait till you connect and for that first date!

Snapchat filters

This one is mostly for the ladies. Sorry girls but research shows that guys want to see you for who you are, not animated as a dog or with stars or flowers around your head. They want to see you, the real you.

“Fish” pics

Last on the list, but by no means least important, it’s well known that online dating can cause a girl to receive a lot of “fish” picks. This is generally not what excites a lady, in fact it can cause an instant block. So guys keep some mystery and save it for the bedroom. And remember, it’s not the size that counts….

So, time to sign up or revamp that profile. It’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Be honest, be real, be you, and you’ll woo on the web and finally score that love at first sight.

Need help with your dating profile? Contact me and I’ll be your ultimate wing woman, we can work together and make your profile shine!

I encourage you to comment if you liked this post or would like to share your experiences. I’d love to hear from you.

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